DIFI-seminar 14th June 2024:

IP in transactions – what to consider when conducting M&A and Due Diligence

Merging with or acquiring a company requires solid legal and IP considerations. What are the pitfalls, what should you focus on and how do you best assure a good partnership with your outside counsel?

Merging with or acquiring a company requires solid legal and IP considerations. What are the pitfalls, what should you focus on and how do you best assure a good partnership with your outside counsel?

These and other aspects were discussed in this DIFI seminar, where we had the great pleasure of four knowledgeable speakers:

Ray Miller, Partner at DLA Piper: IPR driven M&A: a perspective from a global lawyer  
Ray has led hundreds of due diligence projects and prepared all forms of IP agreements and opinions, and he will add a US-angle to the topic.

Presentation from Ray Miller (link to pdf) >

Maria Uldall, Patent Specialist, Lundbeck: IPR due diligence from the acquirer’s perspective
Maria is a European Patent Attorney and has been involved in numerous IP due diligences for Lundbeck.

Presentation from Maria Uldall (link to pdf ) >

Dan Moalem, founder and chairman of Moalem Weitemeyer: IPR driven M&A: a perspective from a Danish lawyer
Dan engages in public and private M&A and has represented several companies in M&A transactions.

Presentation from Dan Moalem (link to pdf) >

Barbara Fiorini Due, General Counsel, Novo Holdings: Life sciences and Pharma M&A: a high-level general counsel’s perspective
Barbara is heading the legal department and has the overall responsibility for providing legal advice and assistance to all investment teams.

Presentation from Barbara Fiorini (link to pdf) >


DIFI-seminar 14th November 2023:

How will AI affect patent work?

We all know that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. But what is Artificial Intelligence after all, how will it affect patent work and is the AI-based patent software available today useful?

To shed some light on these questions, we invited a group of people to provide insight into the whole value chain, ranging from the AI machinery over the potential impact to hands-on experience:

  • Dennis Pultz, Science Manager of AI at Novozymes
  • Hanane Fathi Roswall and Anders Sandgaard, Partners at aera
  • Ana Eugénio, Senior Patent Counsel at Topsoe

Dennis Pultz: How does AI work?
Dennis gave us an introduction to what goes on in the machine room of AI. He talked about what AI is useful for and what the pitfalls are.

Presentation from Dennis Pultz (link to pdf) >

Hanane Roswall and Anders Sandgaard: AI, the death of a patent agent?
Hanane and Anders opened for a discussion about how AI will affect the future patent work for a patent agent.

Presentation from Hanane Roswall and Anders Sandgaard (link to pdf) >

Ana Eugénio: AI-based patent software – useful or useless?
Ana shared some of her hands-on experiences with AI-based software.

Presentation from Ana Eugénio (link to pdf) >

DIFI seminar 31st May 2023:

What does it take to make your IP strategy business-driven?

– insights from academia and industry!


  • Dr. Bowman Heiden, Co-Director of the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP)
  • Peter Aksel Villadsen, Senior Vice President at GN Hearing

IP is a driver of competitiveness and profitability in many companies. But what are the key factors that separate the best from the rest when it comes to using IP to establish and leverage competitive advantages?

Dr. Bowman Heiden questioned the traditional way of looking at IP and the value it creates for businesses. For instance, do we even know if the IP contributes to competitive advantage, how we measure it, and how much value it brings, or do we need to increase focus on this question?

New technologies and digitalization are forcing many industries to face significant changes in competition and business models; changes that impact business strategies and inevitable the way we handle IP. Peter Aksel Villadsen talked about the requirements of the IP strategies of tomorrow, and how we ensure that IP strategies and operations are sufficiently aligned with the business to take on these challenges.


Presentation from Dr. Bowman Heiden, CIP (link to pdf) >

DIFI seminar 13th October 2022:

What should be considered when drawing up and concluding IPR license agreements?

As intellectual property rights, including trademarks, designs, copyrights and patents, become increasingly important for the business community, interest in licensing agreements is also growing. For many companies, licensing agreements are a central part of the business e.g. to access critical technology, ensure freedom to operate or to out-license IPR to generate additional value stream.

But how to work in practice with licensing agreements? What do you have to consider when designing, drafting, negotiating and concluding license agreements? What are the most important clauses? What pitfalls must be avoided? And equally important, after the ink is dry, what then about unforeseen developments, change of business priorities, language interpretations etc.?

Rasmus Linnemann Krogh-Meyer, Head of IP License & Partnering at Novozymes A/S and Richard Wessman, Partner and Head of IP at the law firm Vinge, highlighted these subjects from their different perspectives.


Presentation from Richard Wessman, Vinge (link to pdf) >

Presentation from Rasmus Linnemann Krogh-Meyer, Novozymes (link to pdf) >

DIFI-seminar den 23. marts 2022:

Over sø og land

– erfaringer med IP-retssager i USA

Dagens tema til DIFIs seminar den 23. marts 2022 var IP-retssager i USA. På scenen var Thomas Kirkbak (advokat, 3Shape) og Lars Conrad (EPA, Lundbeck), der delte ud af deres mange erfaringer med oversøiske retssager. De gjorde os blandt andet klogere på, hvordan man bedst forbereder sig til internationale patentretssager, hvilket materiale, der kan blive en del af processen, og hvilke regler og undtagelser man skal kende i forbindelse med Legal Privilege. De gennemgik faserne i en ANDA-sag og fremhævede det, som man skal være ekstra opmærksom på.

Præsentation som pdf

Du finder de slides, som Thomas Kirkbak og Lars Conrad præsenterede her >


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